Beginners Guide to Fitness with Busy Lifestyle

The Beginners Guide to Fitness with a Busy Lifestyle

The Beginners Guide to Fitness with a Busy Lifestyle

These days, us moms are so busy with life that we tend to forget to slow down and take care of ourselves.  We are so busy with work, church, family, traveling, parties, and trying to keep up with the Jones’ that we end up not finding time to take care of the one and only body we were blessed with.  We all need to take time out each day to care for our bodies through exercise and fuel our bodies with healthy meals.  If we don’t find time to take care of ourselves we will not be able to continue to be there for everyone else…especially our family who needs us the most.  it is important for us moms to find time for fitness and to get/stay healthy while keeping God and our family first.  It is important to find time for fitness with a busy lifestyle.

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from CSU of Sacramento back in 2000 .  Afterwards, I continued my education by receiving my Teaching Credentials in Physical Education. One thing I was taught in college while getting my degree was, to be a great teacher,  I must teach/lead by example.  While I was a teacher I lived what I taught by exercising daily, eating healthy and making home-cooked meals.  When I became a Stay-at-Home Mom I tried to continue to live the healthy lifestyle, however, I had two babies 17 months apart and my life got so busy.  Then as my kids became school-aged I began to homeschool and started a part-time job.  Life became so busy that I neglected to take care of myself until I noticed a picture of myself which reminded me that I needed to get back in shape and start eating right so that I can teach my daughters how to live a healthy lifestyle.  I had to get back to living a healthy lifestyle so that I can be there for my family to take care of them.  So I made time to exercise daily and eat healthier which allowed me to lose 45lbs and get back into the shape I was in right after I graduated from college.

As a former Physical Educator and Coach my goal has always been to educate people on how to take care of themselves to live a long healthy lifestyle.

What is Physical Fitness?

  • God created our bodies to move.  With our heart being the main muscle in our body we must learn to take care of it to survive.  The number one way to care for our heart is through exercise.  Physical Fitness is a state of health and well being. It’s the ability to perform sports, occupations, and daily activities efficiently.  It is achieved through proper nutrition and moderate to vigorous exercise along with the proper amount of rest/sleep.
  • There are many misconceptions about Physical Fitness that I will clear up.
  • First of all, you do not have to be athletic to be physically fit.  Anyone can become physically fit with the right training, guidance and discipline.
  • Some people believe Physical Fitness takes up too much time.  Recommended daily amount for exercise is 30-45mins a day…that is less than an eighth of your day.
  • Another misconception is people think just because they do one type of exercise a day (i.e., walking) then they are physically fit.  Although walking is an excellent source of Cardio exercise, Physical Fitness involves more components than just cardio exercises.  Strength training, Endurance, Flexibility, and Cardio must all go hand in hand in order to maintain fitness.  Along with good nutrition and rest.

How to get started with Fitness with a Busy Lifestyle

  • First thing you need to do get started is attitude.  You need to understand the importance of fitness and tell yourself that it is a priority.  You must put it at the top of your list right underneath God and Family.
  • Once you’ve convinced yourself and believe how important fitness is, you must pick a time in the day to dedicate to taking care of your body.  Whether you decide to workout in the morning, afternoon, or evening,  pick a time and dedicate those hours to just fitness.  It should be exactly like a job…you must commit to it and say no to anything else that might come up.  I personally like to workout first thing in the morning when everyone is still sleeping or late at night when everything/everyone around the house is taken care of.
  • Pick which days of the week you will designate to exercise and which days will be your rest days.
  • Write this all on a calendar so that when something else comes up and you check your calendar you will see that particular day and time is not free.
  • Find an activity you enjoy doing and stick with it.  If you don’t know which ones you will like, try different ones until you find something you love.  This can always change until you find some activities/classes you enjoy.
  • Don’t be afraid to try new activities or get out of your comfort zone.
  • Lastly, if you can but not always necessary, find a workout partner or someone to hold you accountable.  This could be a friend, spouse, son, daughter, or relative.  Let someone know what you are doing to hold you accountable each day…each workout.

Tips for Success in Fitness

  • Believe in yourself. You have to tell yourself you can do it and think positive.
  • Put God first! Remember that God gave you your body, which is the temple of God, so we must take care of it. (I Corinthians 6:19-20).
  • Think of working out as a full time job. NOT something you will do IF you have time for it.
  • Most of working out and the success of it is mental…if you tell yourself you can’t do something, you’ve already been defeated.  Tell yourself you can do it and keep telling yourself this and you will be successful.
  • If you fall off track, then get back up and start all over again.  Just keep going.

Common Questions/FAQ About Fitness

  • How Do I Find Time to Workout?

    • First you need to purchase a planner and plan out your month.  Go through each day on the calendar and make sure you add time for yourself each day.  That time for yourself should be to exercise, rest, and spend time with God alone.  Make sure you write it all down in your planner so you don’t forget and so that you don’t schedule anything over it.
    • Detail blog post dedicated to finding time to workout coming soon.
  • What Equipment Do I Need to Get Started?

    • Besides athletic shoes, you do not need any equipment to get started.  All you need are shorts, t-shirt, and shoes to go outside and start walking or running.  There are plenty of equipment you can invest in once you decide which activity you love to do.  However, walking around your neighborhood and a moderate to fast pace for 45 mins to an hour does not require any equipment and allows you to start anytime.
    • Detail blog post dedicated to Equipment coming soon .
  • How Can I Get My Family to Commit to Fitness?

    • In a world filled with technology, it can become real hard to get your whole family involved in fitness or even spend quality time together.  Fitness is actually a great way to bond as a family.  One thing about fitness is that once people see your dedication and commitment, they tend to follow suit…especially your family.  Start with you and set the example for your family and then have them join you.  Make it fun, turn your walks into family hikes or family adventures such as a scavenger hunts.  Ask them to join you on your walks or make it a family date at least once a week after dinner. It’s a great way to finish off the day bonding as a family without technology.
    • Detail blog post dedicated to Family and Fitness coming soon .
  • How Often Should I Workout?

    • Depending on your goal will determine how often you need to workout.  At the bare minimum you should workout 3 times a week for at least 30-45mins a day.  Ideally, you should workout 5-6 days a week for at least 45-60 minutes a day.  It is important to remember that our heart is a muscle that needs exercise to keep functioning healthy.  In order to exercise your heart you must make it work harder than resting heart rate.  The same way we need to exercise our mind through reading and learning, you have to exercise your heart.  God made our bodies to work in order to survive…exercise is work for your muscles and organs.
    • Detail blog post dedicated to how often to workout coming soon.
  • Do I Need to Join a Gym?

    • Although joining a gym is a great way to stay committed and to try new activities through classes, it is not necessary to join a gym to be fit.  There are plenty of places you can go to get a good workout in, such as a park or in your own home.  These days you can find a workout video online or on TV to follow. There are definitely more advantages to joining a gym but it is absolutely not necessary in order to be Fit4Life!
    • Detail blog post dedicated to joining a gym coming soon.
  • How do I find time to workout while keeping God and my Family first? <H3 Heading>

    • Fitness should not be number one in your life…God and your family should always come before fitness.
    • One of the benefits of working out by yourself is that you get to spend one on one time with God.  I love to go on early morning runs just so I can talk to God and praise Him while still exercising.  Many people love to have a playlist to listen to, but I would much rather run without music so that I can pray/praise God and hear Him speak to me in a still small voice.  This can be done during a walk or a run, outside around your neighborhood or in a room by yourself on a treadmill.
    • As for family, find different fun physical activities for the whole family to engage in or take a fitness class together (depending on the age of your children), it’s a great way to bond by spending quality time with your loved ones.
    • Detail blog post dedicated to keeping God and Family first coming soon.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Fitness.

  • We all want to be there for our family and sometimes we neglect ourselves to put family first, however, if you aren’t healthy then you will be too sick, or worse, to take care of them.  I encourage you to make your health a priority through fitness and healthy eating then see how much more and effective God can use you to take care of your family and to serve Him.
  • Fitness is so important in order to be the person that you are called to be…a mom, a wife, a friend, God’s servant!
  • Find physical activities you enjoy doing daily in order to be Fit4Life so that you can live a long healthy lifestyle to be there for God and for your family.
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