Best Product for Fitness Tracking

The Best Product for Fitness Tracking


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The Best Products for Fitness Tracking

  • Many times people realize that they are out of shape/not fit when they see a picture of themselves or step on a scale.  So their first step to living a healthy lifestyle is to lose weight.
  • The best way to get us started and keep us motivated is to find a device that will track our fitness level…a fitness tracker.
  • While there are many products and fads out there to help lose weight, I highly recommend you stay away from purchasing any and every gimmick & product out there on the market. Many time we will spend tons of money on different products we see an ad for to help us lose weight, just to end up throwing them in the closet and never using them again.
  • My recommendation is to find a product that will keep you on track with your meals and exercise.   There are many electronics out there that can help with this and the prices can range from $100-$500+.  They can get pretty expensive and can leave a person unmotivated to start losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle.
  • I’ve researched many different types of fitness trackers and the one that I find the best for the best price is the Fitbit Versa.  It has a lot of the same bells and whistles as the more expensive fitness trackers at a reasonable price.
  • The Fitbit Versa Watch can track your steps, monitor your heart rate, track all your exercises, monitor your food and water intake, track your weight, track your monthly period, monitor your sleep and remind us that sleep is an important part of weight loss, and so much more.  It is also water resistant up to 50 meters for all you swimmers out there.  You can also receive text messages and it will alert you when someone is calling.
  • The Apple Watch has many of the same features and depending on which model you get, you can even text back from your Apple Watch and answer calls from it.
  • In my research and opinion, I feel that if your main focus is fitness then Fitbit Versa is the best.  However, if your main focus is using your watch as a phone then the Apple Watch might be the better option for you.  Since my main focus was wanting a Fitness Tracker, I went for the less expensive product that was still comparable.

What is Fitness Tracking?

  •  People tend to lose interest and become unmotivated to stay fit and active.  People think that they just don’t have time for living a healthy lifestyle.  With a Fitness tracker, you would be surprised at all the daily things that goes on in our lives that would keep us active.  Many times we need reminders and motivation to get us going and keep us going.
  • Fitness Tracker will remind you when you need to get up and move.  It will keep track of all your exercises you do throughout the day/week and applause you or reward you for staying on track or crushing your goals.  It will monitor your heartbeat so that you can learn to keep your heart in the healthy zone.
  • Living a healthy lifestyle is really a mental game we play with ourselves and although a Fitness Tracker won’t guarantee weight loss, it is a great tool to help us mentally to stay motivated as we see results.
  • A Fitness Tracker is a type of watch that can be worn at all times to help us keep track of how often or little we workout or even move.  It’s a tool that measures all of our daily movement to determine if we are getting enough exercise in a day or not and if we are meeting goals that we have set for ourselves or not.

Why Use a Fitness Tracker?

  • Motivation is the key to success in weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle.
    Having a workout partner is a good way to stay motivated, however, for some people it could be hard to find someone with the same schedule as yours to workout with and to remind you to workout. So that is where a fitness tracker can be used to remind you throughout the day to get up and move.
  • It’s easy to lack motivation during your fitness/weight loss journey.  When we don’t see immediate results or if we don’t have a personal trainer or friend to push us then we tend to lose motivation and quit.
  • Seeing what you are doing daily and seeing results will help keep you motivated. Not everyone can afford a gym or a personal trainer and many times it can be hard to find a workout partner with the same fitness level as yours that will motivate you.
  • With a Fitbit Versa it will remind you to move, remind you when to go to bed and wake up (there’s an alarm on it), and celebrate with you by allowing you to earn different accomplishment badges.  I have mine set to remind me of all those things and it makes me more mindful of getting enough exercise as well as getting enough sleep.  Often times we forget how important it is to get enough sleep throughout the night.  Sleep is a huge part of losing weight, our body need to get rest to recuperate and lose weight.
  • When I first got my Fitbit Versa I thought, who cares about the badges.  But then I got my first badge for exercising and it really does make you feel good!  I was so excited to see the accomplishment on my watch that I looked forward to the next badge I could earn and next.  So now I look to see what is the next badge to earn and it motivates me to work hard at earning it.  It might not seem like a big deal but it really is a great motivator to help us live a healthy lifestyle.  That is why I truly believe the Fitbit Versa is one of the best products for Fitness Tracking and weight loss.

Best Product For Tracking Your Fitness

  • Best Fitness Tracker for Weight Loss

  • This is the Fitness Tracker watch I’ve been using since December and it really is the best product to keep me motivated and keep pushing me to meet my overall goal.  It has a 4+ day battery life and you can also easily change out the band to wear it with a nice outfit like I have.  This watch also keeps track of your heartrate which I love.  Heart disease is the number one female killer in America today so it is extra important that we as females keep our heart healthy through exercise.  By monitoring our heartrate we are able to determine if we need to do more or less and with the Fitbit Versa you are able to monitor your heartrate 24hours a day (even while you sleep). Get it on Amazon here!

I Love this Fitness Tracker Watch!  It’s the Best!

This is truly the best fitness tracker for the money.  I wear it all the time whether I’m working out or not.  It’s even water resistant so you can even wear it in the rain or while doing water sports/exercise up to 50 meters. Can’t get any better than that!



Common Questions/FAQ about Fitness Trackers

  • Are Fitness Trackers Waterproof?

    • There are Fitness Trackers that say they are Water Proof and there are those that say they are Water Resistant.  Most of the time if the Fitness Tracker says it is Water Proof then that means you can submerge it in water with no limits and it wouldn’t get ruined.  If the Fitness Tracker says it is Water Resistant then you are able to sweat in it, where it in the rain, and submerge it water up to a certain meter if it says you can.
    • The Fitbit Versa is Water Resistant up to 50 meters.  This means that you are able to where it while you swim up to 50 meters.  you can also where it in the shower if the water temperature isn’t too hot, however, I would recommend taking it off while showering.
  • What Exercise will the Fitness Tracker Track?

    • Fitness Tracker such as a Fitbit Versa will track all aerobic exercises, including running, walking, cycling, dancing, and swimming.  It will also track exercises done on the treadmill and elliptical.  Other non-aerobic exercise it will track are weight training and yoga.
    • Fitness Trackers can track just about all exercises and sports you do.
    • With the Fitbit Versa you can program it to the exercise/sport you are starting and it will track that particular one.  The choices that comes already program in the watch are Run, Bike, Swim, Treadmill, Weights, Interval Timer, and Workout, or you can otherwise customize it to one you enjoy doing regularly.  On mine, I added Yoga and Zumba because those were two that I do weekly.
  • Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch…Which is best for me?

    • This is one of the popular question since the two watch are so much alike and can both sync to your iPhone.  My recommendation would be to ask yourself, what is your ultimate goal and function of the watch.
    • If you are looking for something mainly to keep you on track with fitness then I would recommend the cheaper of the two, the  Fitbit Versa.  It has many of the same features as a Apple Watch…keeps track of your fitness level, receive text and phone calls, download music on it, etc..  However, with the Fitbit Versa you don’t have to have an iPhone or payments that comes with an Apple Watch.
    •  If your use is mainly for phone integration and not fitness then the Apple Watch would be the better choice.


The Last Thing You Need to Know about Fitness Tracker

  • In a world where our lives are so busy and we have to make time to exercise, sometimes that can be hard to do and we tend to forget the importance of taking care of our physical body.  With a Fitness Tracker you will always be reminded to move and you will be cheered on when you do exercise or reach a goal.  Sometimes that’s all we need is that motivating push to remind us to move.  The Fitbit Versa is the best Fitness Tracker that will help motivate everyone into living a healthy active lifestyle. Which is our overall goal for physical health.
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